Tips for Forming a Bond with Your Feline Friend Happy Cat, Happy You


 Tips for Forming a Bond with Your Feline Friend Happy Cat

Happy purrs indicate your cat is content. Celebrate your relationship by making both of your lives better.

Catnip drives cats insane. They are addicted to this mint-family plant. Nepetalatone, an oil found in the buds, is said to evoke feline behavior. A few examples include rolling and kicking, touching chin and cheek, and leaping into the air. Play is promoted, which is beneficial for their health and wellbeing. You can either buy a bag or grow your own. It is more strong if you choose organic. Your cat will be grateful to you for this gift.

Tips for Forming a Bond with Your Feline Friend Happy Cat, Happy You

According to research, people who pet their cats had higher levels of Theta waves, a brain wave pattern that reduces anxiety. Dopamine, oxytocin, prolactin, and serotonin are just a few of the happy "feel good" hormones that are released when you pet your cat, even for a short while. 

The positive emotions are reciprocal and advantageous to your cat as well. Their serene purr, soft fur, and mild vibrations can help you decompress. You might give your cat brief shocks if there is a lot of static electricity in your home. Try rubbing them instead if this occurs.

Cats enjoy being alone occasionally. They don't have to adhere to you constantly like glue. It is important to refresh, but alone time often undervalued. Every day, reward yourself with five minutes of alone. There should be no phones or other human distractions, even if your cat joins you.

A cat's tail serves as a gauge of mood. Walking loosely upright conveys assurance. The tail flicking in your direction indicates "Hello, my friend." Agitation is shown by wagging the tail or thudding it on the ground. A tail that is barely twitching suggests relaxed alertness, whereas a tail that is puffed up denotes entire freight.

Make time to play with your cat on a regular basis. Cats, especially kittens, are most active during dawn and dusk. They are genetically predisposed to perform their greatest play stalking and hunting during certain hours of the day. Purchase some peacock feathers, attach them to a flexible pole, and then call your cats. Usually, it's impossible to resist feathers. In order to grab those feathers, your cat will soon be running, jumping, and engaging in acrobatics.

Tips for Forming a Bond with Your Feline Friend Happy Cat, Happy You

Give your cat a hand-petting session once each week. Examine the animal's entire body for lumps, pimples, sore places, or variations in the fur or skin. You will learn a lot about your cats' health the more frequently you do this. Make sure to examine their mouth, ears, and eyes. This will help you get to know your cat and make it easier for you to spot problems when they arise.

Since your cat has been your companion since it was a kitten, how about some daily pampering? A quick solution for this is to warm up a little blanket in the dryer for five to ten minutes before covering your cat with it on chilly evenings. The same thing can be done to help an arthritic cat's blood flow and reduce muscle aches. Additionally, heated bed items are available for purchase on the market.

Fill the box to a depth of three inches if you want to succeed in the litter box. Use unscented litter instead (most cats detest floral scents). Every day empty the box and wash it with warm, soapy water once a month, letting it dry fully. Cats don't like to eat by their potty site, so never put the box next to their water or food bowls.

Add a teaspoon of Kelp Powder to the food you give your cats. Or, try giving them a standardized lecithin capsule combined with food. Both aid in accelerating your cats' metabolism and reducing fat. Since your cat is a carnivore, it does best when genuine meat is the first element in its meal bowl. Choose cat food brands that list genuine protein as the first component, such as turkey, chicken, or lamb. 

Avoid products that start with cornmeal or other grains. Your cat will enjoy a saucy meal if you add a dash of tuna juice or salt-free chicken broth to their dry kibble. During their post-meal brushing, your cat may take extra time to enjoy these special bonuses and mouthwatering fragrances. If you enjoy yogurt, consider giving some to your cat. Once daily, take a tablespoon of plain, low-fat yogurt for calcium, "good" bacteria, and extra hydration (yogurt is mainly water).

Last but not least, position your cats' bed close to a heat source. By the fireplace, a window with natural light, or a heat vent. Spend some time with your sleeping companion while also treating yourself to some quiet time. It's beneficial to the soul.