By detecting bombs- dogs help save lives in Ukraine | okaymood


The stories of the Ukrainian people's tenacity have moved and inspired us. 

Many of these tales feature animals, with people sacrificing their lives to defend local pets and animals, and animals repaying the favor by assisting Ukrainian forces.

Like one brave small canine who helps save lives in Ukraine By detecting bombs

By detecting bombs- dogs help save lives in Ukraine | okaymood
 By detecting bombs- dogs help save lives in Ukraine | okaymood

Detection of Explosives by Dogs

The explosive detection dog (EDD) is one of the most effective and widely used technologies for detecting explosive items. 

However, increased scrutiny of canine explosive detection capabilities has resulted from increased vigilance regarding security to protect against terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction.

 particularly explosive devices, as well as an increased interest in comparing the explosive detection capabilities of instrumental technologies.

Despite the current surge in interest in canine olfactory and applied EDD research, there is still a need for a comprehensive and reliable scientific model of how dogs detect chemicals.

Even though significant progress has been made. 

The explosive itself, a contaminant or small ingredient of the explosive common to most batches of that explosive, and a decomposition product of that explosive are the three types of signs a dog might look for when it comes to explosives. 

Although there is enough data to imply that dogs have enough potential olfactory sensitivity to perform explosive detection tasks, Operational sensitivity, which is highly dependent on how the dogs are educated, is a more practical worry in the USA. 

dogs help save lives in Ukraine

A viral video uploaded by Ukraine's State Emergency Service shows Patron, the "mascot" of Chernihiv's explosion experts, who have been particularly taught to smell out Russian explosive devices.

Patron is seen working hard, wearing his protective vest, and utilizing his sense of smell to track the position of explosive weaponry in the film.

Since the start of the battle last month, the dog has reportedly assisted the SES team in clearing 90 explosives, according to the Facebook post.

Dogs are known for having a keen sense of smell, and they may be trained to detect explosives. Humans may then disable and disarm them, saving innumerable lives in the process.

According to NPR, over 900 civilians have been murdered in Ukraine since the start of the fighting, with officials claiming that the majority of the casualties have been caused by "explosive weaponry with a large impact area."

In just two days, the video has received over 175,000 views on Facebook, and many local Ukrainians have complimented the dog and wished him continuous safety while the war continues.