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 Black Cats

They're very cute pets. Mammals are meat-eaters with a beautiful and soft fur coat. Which covers her body can be bred at home. They are very widespread and national.

This is also one of a big characteristic of them because of their large numbers.

Cats have nearly 70 breeds and are characterized by their strong body and also have strong claws and teeth that distinguish them from others and also have a very strong sense of smell.

There are many different types, including Shirazi cats, Himalayan cats, and others.

Cats have very beautiful colors. They are white-fur and gray, brown or black fur.

When talking about these beautiful colors and different kinds may exchange to your mind that beautiful feline with a black fur coat for what may come to some that follow magicians and rats that associated with Halloween. 

Black Cat Facts: Discover Best 16 Facts about Black Cats- Okaymood
Black Cats

What do you know about the black cat beautiful creatures?

 how true are black cats that come to your mind? To the mind of some, it's associated with Halloween and witches.

And did you ever have a black cat?

In this article, we will show you the most important hidden black cat facts that many of you do not know about the black cat.

Best 16 Black Cat Facts:

  • holy animal.

Yes, A black cat is considered a sacred animal, and this one of the black cat facts. They are in ancient Egyptian cultures. They considered black cats sacred that they thought the black cat brings them good luck as well, it was a favorite cat for them and this is the first fact.

  • A witches companion

some thought during the middle period of Europe that when an old woman is raising some beautiful black cats. considered as witches.

and the Black cats are partners for her in doing magic things and spying on others and this is another part about black cat facts. 

  • Bring Good luck. 

a lot of people think in the old days in England country areas and some regions of Ireland that they must breed "black cat", according to their beliefs the black cat is a very important source Brings luck to be happy in their lives. continue reading and enjoy black cat facts. 

  • wedding gift. 

In Britain Specifically, in an area in the central region, the inhabitants of this region have long believed that when an event occurs. Especially at a wedding party. So that a gift must be given to the brides and this gift. Represent by a beautiful black cat. Also according to their beliefs, black cats bring them good luck and life. That's great. make a good idea and continue reading and enjoy about black cat facts. 

  • visitors bring luck

when the black cats visit the houses, The Scots thought good luck was coming. They are going through a wealthy period. And a bright future. That's how The Scots thought in the old days. hmm!!

  • omens of good or evil.

In Germany, people thought that if a black cat crossed from left to right, it would be a good omen for them, but if the black cat crossed the opposite, i.e. from right to left, black cats would indicate evil and thus be a signal of evil. 

  • confusing pirates. 

The pirates thought old when they were running their ship. they cross the seas and oceans. If they see a black cat get away from them, it's a good omen. On the other hand, if the black cat approaches them, this is an indication of evil. Their ship will sink 

  • bring off the fishermen's livelihood.

Some fishermen in some places thought they should keep a black cat in their homes. And also on their boats to bring good luck and a livelihood. So its cost was too high to buy black cats. 

  • Attract suitors. 

girls thought in old days. Specifically, in Japan, they must raise and own a black cat. For his good luck in attracting suitors and husbands for them. 

  • The source of good luck 

Especially black cats and cats in general in Russia are considered a source of good luck. 

  • variety of black cat breeds. 

There are many different black cat breeds. All over the world. Where there are 19 different breeds, according to the Association of Cat Breeders (CFA). 

Black Cat Facts: Discover Best 16 Facts about Black Cats- Okaymood
Black Cats

  • amazing eyes 

One of the black cat facts is characterized by attractive and piercing eyes that may see more than other cats because of their melanin tincture and distinctive golden color not green or red. 

  • most of them are males

Another one of black cat facts, male and female. But a significant superiority has been observed in her male numbers this is a fun fact. 

  • black cat day

on 17th Aug each year. This is a special day for the black cat. Some pay tribute and great respect on this special day. 

  • royal black

The cool black color is consistent with all colors, The beautiful black cat in the house is a great combination with the rest of the colors of furniture and more. You can also take many beautiful pictures and write other pieces of information about black cat facts. 

  • bad Luck.

Many people believe that you should go down immediately if you are climbing a ladder and watching a black cat wander under it and spin. Because black cats will bring you bad luck. Maybe you'll go to the hospital. Or you're going to lose your job and this is was real in their mind, they consider it as black cat facts and we have to change their mind.

People in the united states also ask a lot of questions about black cat facts. , kindly see below all answers, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and have fun.

Why are black cats so special ?

his character seem to special, strange color like black diamond and strong between other cats and anyone also avoid to hurt them, his good adaption with other kids let her have good friend, also black cats face other diseases.

Are black cats more affectionate ?

because of his beautiful black fur coat, people like to cuddle and play with black cats and take selfie photos, black cats like others feline love, fun, and affectionate others, people like black cats especially in ancient Egypt and Indian cultures.

Do black cats have health problems ?

Scientists do a lot of research about linked cancer and HIV and Alzheimer's with black cats because they have good immunity to face these diseases and try to find the relation to protect us in future, scientist tries to find another black cat facts.

What does a black cat symbolize ?

it is a bad omen symbol in different countries now it is associated with bad luck and death because magicians and witches breed them as their beloved pets.

Is a black cat bad luck ?

it is come to be true that black cats have bad luck in different cultures like Islamic culture and others because they think that Satan lives inside of them, please read more fun about black cat facts on our website.

What percentage of cats are black ?

according to results of research about 300000 cats' malty -the color they found that black cats are 30% of the total sample that had been taken in 2013.

Is it bad to have a black cat ?

black cats like other beautiful animals do not have bad omens, it is a myth to say black cats bring bad omens or death, So you can have fun and breed black cats, you can cuddle a lot of black cats and enjoying their soft and cute fur. please read more about black cat facts on our website.

What breed are black cats usually ?

black cat facts according to CFA, Black cats have 19 different breeds that associated with,  but it has genetic relation with black lion especially in Bombay's -India.

What are Black Cats a sign of ?

People link black cats with magic and bad omens and death, especially in Italy and Massachusetts in the USA they think if black cats sleep in your bid you will die after that and this is not true especially on Halloween. please read more about black cat facts on our website.