Joe Biden dogs in the white house

Joe Biden dogs in the white house

Joe Biden, the new president-elect of the United States of America in the white house, loved dogs very much for years ago, especially The German shepherds Jill, where Joe Biden attended a family friend named Champ since 2008 as a first German shepherds dog and has always composed it on social media with his heroic performances. joe jill biden dogs


The German shepherds 

Champ became a close Joe Biden's family was bringing the first friend and lived with them the first most beautiful moments involved in the white house, Champ arrived at the White House Washington to head all the security dogs there. (Jan 2021)

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President Joe Biden felt the necessity to bring in another dog of the same kind to the white house " major ", where he had the greatest luck to live a perfect new experience, as he grew up in the White House and was named Major, as he adopted Major in 2018 from the Delaware Society (DHA).

now Joe Biden has two of Jill German shepherds dogs , first of them was a champ, and the other named major. (Jan 2021) what kind of dog does joe biden have (royal canin gastro intestinal)


German shepherds dogs

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 After Joe Biden and her lady came to the presidency, the association was very happy, and she posted a post on Facebook saying, "Today is a lucky day for Major dog." wilderdog

Because this major German shepherds dog luck has changed, getting a new house isn't like any house (The white house). (Jan 2021)can dogs run for president

He thanked this assembly very much in aired CNN press conference involved during an interview for hours . balto


Major became a hero of a family in the white house, as a favorite friend like Champ, and their relationship became very close. and these two hero's are the famous German shepherds Jill biting dogs .


When Joe Biden was vice president, He brought champ to the house, while champ was a puppy, and Biden raised him fully since Nov 2008 then major in Mar 2018.(what kind of dog does biden have)

German shepherds dogs

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Champ is now in Mar 2021 (13) years old and Major also this Monday, Mar 2021 is 3 years old and president Biden said that he loves them very much.(pedigree price)


Biden is constantly interested in his dog for years ago, as Biden goes to travel and leave white house, sent major and champ in a group that takes care of her called Delaware Society  (DHA) for Interesting and caring to avoid injury for all biting dogs during first of Mar 2021 to avoid a deferent incident like corona virus until Biden back to the white house. petco grooming


Joe Biden in opposite to Donald Trump, the first former president who didn't bring any dogs white house, said he didn't have enough time to take care of pets, he was the first American president who didn't care about dogs and hasn't brought them home to the White House in more than a century dc. Mar 2021 frontline plus

this article was written on Wednesday 17 Mar 2021 that indicate information for president Joe Biden first two dogs ( champ and major ) in the white house in the existence of corona and isolation to avoid minor incident that will cause incident injury for a dog.(frontline plus for dogs)

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