Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!


The new corona-virus is a development of the old corona-virus, which is known to cause strong and short-breath colds in an infected person from humans, while also cause disease to animals such as bats, which is not unusual because it is initially thought that the disease originally passed from animal to human and then moved from humans to each other. petsmart

Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!

Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!
Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!

Corona-virus in cats 

Cats are one of the most gentle pets with humans as they raise them frequently and caress for a long time. petsmart grooming which causes transmission among cat breeders infected with the virus, according to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the UnitedStates of America, where a few have contracted the disease. petsmart near me

Despite the study conducted by the CDC, the transmission of the virus from humans to cats and vice versa is very low, but caution should be taken for children and others over 65 years old because their immune system is somewhat weak so the possibility of infection with germs carried by cats is highly possible. pets

Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!

How to keep your cat in isolation period?

In order to protect cats during the period of home isolation due to the new CORONA virus, you must follow several important things that will become mandatory routine laws in your daily life:

  • First: you should be careful to keep your cat as far away as possible from contact with strangers or other animals in parks and streets. petsmart hours

  • Second: you should reduce your pet's picnic, keep it at home and take a walk in the garden. petsmart coupons .If you take a walk outside the house, you should keep a safe distance of 2 meters between you and your cat and never go shopping and buy your stuff with your pet. petsuppliesplus

  • Third: Take care of your cat continuously, clean her fur and use the necessary cat care products.pets best

  • Fourth: you must follow the laws, instructions, and guidelines put in place by your country to prevent you from catching the virus.can pets get covid 19

  • Fifth: While pet cats are pet-friendly, you should wear silk gloves and a soft face cloth cover. royal canin dog food

  • Sixth: If you notice any symptoms that appear on your cat, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian to come home and not go to the clinic with your cat, especially if you hold the disease. guinea pig cages

Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!

Symptoms of cats.

Cats are marked by a strong immune system like other animals as in some of the few cases in which cats were infected the cats remained pregnant for six days without showing any symptoms and were able to get rid of the virus themselves and did not die.

This discovery shows slightly comforting according to a study conducted by researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

but as the symptoms vary in humans can also vary in cats if you notice that your cat stays alone and does not behave as usual and does not pet you continually and that her appetite for food has been reduced and her movement has been decreased,

it is better to call the veterinarian to take the samples required for an test and consider it an emergency because it is not as humans can tell you about her suffering. fromm dog food

How do you relish a walk with your cat in the presence of the Corona pandemic?

Can pet cats be infected with the new CORONA virus?!
For cat breeders, weekly classes to walk with her outside the house if you have a beautiful cat and you want to stroll with it out

you should choose a place not crowded with humans and animals as much as possible and you should leave a safe distance between you and your cat by about two meters and it is recommended in the early morning periods in the parks

when you exercise daily morning sports where it is easy to follow the tips of physical social spacing. pets dream hotel in taiwan.