shirazi persian cat and Breeding small Shirazi cats


Shirazi Persian cats breeds

Through history the Small Iranian cats from populous Iran city are known pet animals, although they are meat eaters, and they are known small animals that are found everywhere in large numbers are free to catch there, and they can be raised at home and are distinguished by the presence of thick hair covering their bodies, Iranian cat are among the fast-range breed animals, and male cat are known distinguished by their strong teeth that help them to eat meat And also it is characterized by the diversity of its very beautiful longhair and eyes colors, that Iranian cat are one of the animals that are characterized by their rapid reaction Shirazi Persian cat for sale .

shirazi persian cat and Breeding small Shirazi cats - Okaymood Pets
shirazi persian cat and Breeding small Shirazi cats - Okaymood Pets

The considering reason that helps Shirazi Persian cats and her kitten from east in their rapid reaction is the flexibility and strength of their body in addition to the speed that they notice, and female cat are known characterized by being able to smell many things due to the strength of their sense of smell royal canin Shirazi Persian cat price .

Shirazi Persian cat

The Persian Shirazi cat from east looking great is considered one of the cat with very thick and long hair, and the origins of the Persian Shirazi cat go back to Persia, meaning Iran, and then over time it was transferred to Europe where it was allowed to reproduce and the cross breed processes where it was done in Europe ,Oman and then to spread to all parts of the world cat movie .

the hybridization processes And the reproduction that was carried out on it has many benefits in addition to that it helped spread it, it also led to the emergence of many beautiful colors to it, but like there are benefits on the other side, there also are widely known disadvantages to it, since one of these disadvantages is that it caused the spread of kidney disease in other strains Of which grey Shirazi Persian cat.

Shirazi Persian cat are considered very popular cat name in some countries, such as the United States, according to animal associations cat in the hat .

There are many types of Shirazi Persian cats, and also there are many distinctive shapes for them and colors too, like we mentioned earlier in the process of hybridization and reproduction, there are widely known as white, black and gold colors, the average length of Shirazi Persian cat is approximately 65 cm, and the average weight is approximately 4.5 kg Shirazi cat vs Persian .

The difference between the look of Shirazi Persian cat from Iran and the normal cat :

One of the differences between lovely Shirazi cat and ordinary cats is that Shirazi Persian cat find relatively shorter feet than the feet of other cats. Also, the Shirazi Persian cat is considered very loyal and friendly to its owner. On the contrary, the normal cat is a cat who loves to play a lot, and these types of Iranian cats need a lot of constant attention and care.

shirazi persian cat and Breeding small Shirazi cats - Okaymood Pets
shirazi persian cat and Breeding small Shirazi cats - Okaymood Pets

Breeding small Shirazi cats

Shirazi Persian cat and her kitten are among the best good friends and most beautiful types of cats around the world, in addition to being very friendly to people and love to play a lot because they are characterized by many specifications, for example, the beauty of their longhair and eyes is found among them with blue, black and hazel eyes as well, and Shirazi Persian cat have many beautiful longhair colors as well, including white, copper, gold and gray They also have got thick and long hair, so the Shirazi Persian cat must be taken care of daily and continuously to maintain their health cat breeds Shirazi Persian cat moon face .

Follow these tips to breed and maintain Shirazi cats:

  • The lovely hair of Shirazi Persian cat must be taken care of, so the hair of Shirazi Persian cat breed must be combed calmly daily and keep it smooth and not tangled at the time ,look to mirror and take funny selfie.
  • Shirazi Persian cat should be cleaned by bathing at least once a middle of month and using a shampoo intended for them .
  • Take care of her face (color eyes and wipe) for them frequently Shirazi Persian catering specially for oldest cute cat will be good sweet gift.
  • I think Brushing the teeth and round face of Shiraz Persian cats once during middle days of week to avoid any type of suffer .
  • be gentle of Keeping longhair fur clean and round face clean not dirty because it harms its life your cats comes and hug you .
  • Preserving them inside the street wall of the house because they are often exposed to theft due to the high price .
  • it is traditional important to go shop or stock around close region and buy expensive cats food then Feed her constantly from the food box designated for her Shirazi Persian cat for quality adoption.
  • constantly favorites petting the haired Shirazi Persians cat pets and clean personality for diy socks and shirt coat.
  • Not to hit Shirazi Persian cats skoon cat litter .
  • i think Not to shout at the Shirazi Persian cats and Iranian kitty

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His ancestors 'Persians in fact were my very beloved pets I have seen through my life at this clock in all round centuries in comparison of Turkish cat / Italy cat /Egypt cat /felis catus/American cat / Siamese cat or angora cats that i know for common adopt word wide countries .

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