Why are cats best ? Having a cat is a fun and stress reliever



Human is a social animal. At least he needs some companion, and pets are the best options. In pets, the primary two are dogs and cats. The never-ending battle between the cat and dog lovers are going on. So, let us look at the exciting facts favoring cats and some of the points that don't babycat.

Why are cats best ? Having a cat is a fun and stress reliever
Why are cats best ? Having a cat is a fun and stress reliever

Why are cats best?

Having a cat is a fun and stress reliever. Well, tigers belong to the family of cats, and for the same reason, you can see the similarity in their actions. The cats are usually maintaining themselves; that means it is rare you can see a cat with a lot of dirt. Cats spend a significant amount of time grooming themselves orijen kitten . Cats are not noise-making pets, so you will not get a complaint from your neighbor!

You no need to take out the kitties for a walk and the maintenance also less bestcat . There is no requirement to take out bathroom needs as well. 

They know how to maintain cleanness. If you give a little training, they can be easily trained to use litter boxes. Even in other places, they tend to bury their wastes cat breeds . Other benefits of cats are as follows exotic cats. 

  1. They protect homes from the pests
  2. Maintaining cost is less than the dogs 
  3. You can be left alone at home for a longer time than dogs
  4. Kitties suits for apartments
  5. They are good companions royal canin babycat

Facts go against the cats

With the ongoing debate, the researchers are done to understand the nature of the cats, and the results are not in favor of cats royal canin persian .

Daniel mills, a veterinary researcher, and his colleagues conducted research and found that cats won't love you back as you think. At least not the level dog does. 

You may think it shows affection by rubbing their body against your legs, but it is the way to mark their territory! You can see the same behavior as marking the territory in tigers. They do this even against the trees to mark their areas cat games . 

Even the purring they produce will not be the same every time; if they are hungry, kitties purr in one pattern, which they discovered that does this give them human attention. And eventually, they end up getting food. 

If you look at the environmental aspect, they are the disasters to the environment. Even well-fed cats tend to eat many birds and small mammals. Each year they kill more than ten million birds, including many endangered bird species exotic cats

However, it is up to your preference and lifestyle, which helps to determine whether to like or dislike the cute pets.